Color interior design decoration in the home

Monday, August 6, 2012
Interior design The face of their future homes, hearts inevitably, there is a lot of interior design ideas, but not everyone can be completely their own ideas put into the actual, even if it is not easy to draw the design of the brain, but not 'm sure its reasonable and feasible.

If you do not the words of the architect, it is best to resort to a professional designer to help you do one of the most suitable for the design of your new home. But if you must believe that they have conceived to reflect the design intent can refer to the information provided below. First, the design should be preceded, according to a predetermined decorative style, and my social status, economic strength, the surrounding environment, and housing have been other factors for accurate positioning.

Arising from the messy sense to do so to avoid a variety of decorative styles in the same room, but also prevent the impulse purchase of excessive and unwanted furniture and furnishings.

Furniture: your in a comfortable

Usually room does not need to place too much interior design furniture. Too much furniture do not necessarily represent luxury, but only brings a feeling of crowded, narrow.

The selection of interior design furniture, in addition to personal preferences, should also consider the appropriateness of the size of your room, leave enough space in the living room. The room according to their function can be divided into the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom. These rooms are designed not only interrelated and form a whole, they have separate functional areas, the main tune, but to the living room decorative style to coordinate other rooms.

Green: wonderful eye-dotting

Humidity control, noise reduction, purification of air-conditioned room temperature in the interior decoration green play. The form of natural plant, it is right and wrong are different, patchwork, density and white and vivid color natural, in order to soften the straight shape of the interior space of vivid, lively, humane, so that the indoor environment.

Green decorative room environment, the atmosphere and the owner's intent to layout. Green layout depending on spatial scale, the natural ties of the ventilation and lighting, as well as its suspension and placed the point of the space environment composition principle. Green decorated generally dotted with France, hanging method, separated by law, as quoted by the method and display method.

Color: America in harmony

Color interior design decoration in the home is very important. You can be combined with the indoor environment, density and white, patchwork color appropriate layout, to achieve the rich scenery space, increase the aesthetic purposes.

Decoration, to avoid the uniform shape repeat, all sight of the landscape surface, should have a good viewing, even if it is a good gap, but also whitewashed wall shadow meaning.

Lighting effects is also a link can not be ignored in the bedroom. Room lighting in addition to meet the use interior design function, as well as beautify the indoor atmosphere, and enhance the level of interior space, rendering the effect of space for primary and secondary wall.

Lighting: the art in the hierarchy

The living room includes a variety of activities, and large living room must have a variety of lighting. With the illumination of the indirect light such as a multiplayer party can be used full lighting, both astigmatism form, with chandeliers, inlay dome, ceiling, etc., listening to music, watching TV, seating behind the use of floor lamp or table lamp for weak lighting, display bonsai, sculpture, etc., can be used spotlights, or background light. Bedroom activities and living room, rest and sleep light Dirou, table lamp wall lamp or bedside table set set in the bed wall. Required to wear clothes of light quality and uniformity, the avoid backlighting phenomenon.